December 16, 2017

knowing someone but not their soul is merely seeing their silhouette.  just an outline . . . no details.

i'm left handed

December 15, 2017

forest school friend
sophie hatter from howls moving castle by diana wynne jones
liesl pendragon/arundel

me + dot copied from a polaroid selfie
olivia clemens, mark twain's wife
philippe woodhouse

nathanial inglethorpe
teddy clemens
charmaine kettle
witch of the waste from howls moving castle by diana wynne jones
a fairy
sarah's friend from college

everything is free-hand.

polar gold

December 12, 2017

it was actually an accident.  i was spray painting some pinecones on the snowy deck and some of the paint landed on the snow.  i took a closer look and realized i could actually see the individual snowflakes that were sprayed with paint.  
one hour later, i found myself bundled up and spray painting the snow in our front yard, then photographing it with my mom's macro lens on my camera.  as soon at the metallic paint hit the snow, it froze on them.  polar gold.
(i got a little freaked out when i got spray paint all over mom's lens and my camera . . . but it's amazing what a little nail polish remover can do.  WHEW.)
how can you not believe in the existence of God when you look at then TINY little detailed pieces of ice??!  each one of them unqiue and different and still so beautiful.  it's like an anology to the human race.

it turns out that no one else has discovered this way to photograph snowflakes—at least as far as i have seen.  
today, when i went out for some more photos, i found out one of the reasons why.  this method doesn't work every day there's snow: it has to be the perfect temperature—very cold so that the snowflakes don't melt within a few minutes and ruin each other's anatomy.  you also have to leave your can of spray paint outside for a bit so it can get to the correct temperature not to melt the snowflakes itself!  the luck i had yesterday to get some of these perfect snowflakes + the perfect temperature of air + spray paint (my can was already outside for a while because of my pinecone spraypainting project) is pretty amazing.

p.s. apologies for the watermarks.  mom said if i was going to post these, i had to at least watermark them to deter trolls.
watermarks annoy me just as much as they do you!  but better safe than sorry. ;P


i am a photographer.
and i think i've found my niche.

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