early summer vibes

August 23, 2017

biked to sarah's farmers market 11 miles away and sky-gazed with her 
as you can see by the book at my left on the couch, I'm halfway through a fantastic book (school for unusual girls I think), but liam need me to read him a story xD
doctors appointments UGH
at the dave mathews concert
I found a polyphemus moth!!
new sunglasses 😎
at violin lessons
photography love runs in the family

Catch Up Month is almost done!  Hooray!!!  I am so excited to do some posts about what has been happening in my life as of RIGHT NOW and not two years ago.  Haha, those these photos actually are only from this spring. ;D  The next few posts are probably going to be scheduled because we are going to Connecticut to visit some cousins + the ocean and will be gone from the 27-31.  Talk to you soon!! xx


August 22, 2017

we went to stonybrook state park a few weekends ago.  i think my camera liked it.

current favorite songs most of them because of the lyrics and message-
sit still, look pretty by daya
scars to your beautiful by alessia cara
most girls by hailee steinfield
sorry not sorry by demi lovato
the only thing by surfjan stevens
palace by hayley kiyoko
check out my "august" spotify playlist for more.

a little windy

just some beach fun.  liam didn't like the wind.


August 19, 2017

these photos have been in a draft for about two years and i haven't had the heart to throw them away.
*here's to old photos!!* ;D

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